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Computer Data Shredding

Computer Data Shredding

Computer Data Shredding

Computer Recycling Watford

IT Recycling Watford

Our IT asset management services are active in all the cities of the UK, where Watford is no exception. 

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With industry-leading computer recycling Watford services, we are working for the healthcare, legal, government, education, and finance sectors. However, our company also welcomes individual users to take the edge of our ITAM services regardless of the size of their equipment. 

Why Choose Computer Recycling Watford?

  • From collection to recycling, refurbishing, and shredding, our all operations are conducted in compliance with the regulations.
  • We perform proper documentation for each of our steps. At the end of the task, a certificate of destruction is provided to the clients.
What we offer

The IT Equipment We Recycle

We recycle almost every type of IT equipment, the list of which is given;



Computer tower




Mobile phone


Apple computer

Network switch

All-in-one PC


Hard drive

UPS and battery


Future Targets

Spreading awareness about the proper disposal of IT waste and promoting the trend, is one of our main goals.
For this purpose, we aim to extend our reach to as many areas of the UK as possible.
We want to make our IT recycling Milton Keynes easy and accessible, as this is one of the effective ways to get it practically implemented. 

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