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Corporate Social Responsibility

For a business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to carrying out its operation in favour of its stakeholders — including employees, customers, investors, suppliers, community, and the environment. We, at Computer Data Shred Ltd. understand the importance of CSR, which is the reason that our corporate policies as a business entity are designed while keeping the social, economical, and environmental factors.

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Key Points

Given below are some key points of our CSR.
1. Our terms and conditions, relationship with the partners — everything will be mentioned in the contracts. Moreover, these will also work against unfair business practices.
2. We, as a business entity shall encourage our partners, stakeholders, and staff to adopt appropriate IT waste management policies so that the environment is affected at the minimum.
3. For mutual benefits, we shall encourage dialogue and cooperation with the local communities.
4. We will adopt the “customer is always right” policy and will register and resolve their complaints as per our standards of service.
5. We shall work in collaboration with environmental agencies and develop the policies through which a safe e-disposal will be ensured.
6. We shall adopt an equal opportunity policy for our present and potential employees.
7. Our terms of employment will be fair and clearer and we will generate the opportunities and resources for the continuous promotion of the employers.
8. We will make the forums through which employees can communicate their concerns.
9. Computer Data Shred Ltd. as an electronic waste management company will work in collaboration with environmental agencies.
10. All e-waste disposal and recycling practices and policies will be designed in compliance with GDPR.
11. We will make sure to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe working environment at our premises.

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