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Computer Data Shredding

Computer Data Shredding

Computer Data Shredding

East Midlands

East Midlands

Our computer recycling and data shredding services adhere to the same zero-waste policy in East Midlands as in the other cities of the UK. Being a certified IT disposal company, we adopt policies that support the Waste Management Plan for the Eastern Midlands Region. The program provides a framework for deterrence and management of waste in appropriate and sustainable manners. This also covers e-waste, which is the main area of concern for our company.
What we offer

The Equipment we recycle

We recycle almost every type of IT equipment, the list of which is given;

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Computer tower




Mobile phone


Apple computer

Network switch

All-in-one PC


Hard drive

UPS and battery


Why Choose IT Recycling East Midlands?

  • If you have twenty or more electronic items to dispose of, our services will be free.
  • We provide detailed reporting regarding the condition of your equipment, we can also guide you on whether to go for refurbishing or recycling.
  • Our target is ultimate customer satisfaction through maintenance of the transparency of IT recycling procedures throughout.

Our Target Programs

The three main targets of the programme are;

  1. Controlling the household waste.
  2. Increasing recycling.
  3. Reducing landfills.
  4. Increasing recycling.
  5. Reducing landfills. 

Our company’s all recycling, shredding, and refurbishing policies are also designed in observance of the above-mentioned targets. 

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