Computer Data Shred

Computer Data Shredding

Computer Data Shredding

Computer Data Shredding

Secure Data Destructions

Secure Data Destructions

At Computer Data Shred Ltd, we prioritize secure data destruction. We employ reliable and legally compliant methods to wipe data from hard drives, ensuring the complete elimination of records from your systems. Our approach includes multiple hard disk shredding options that guarantee permanent data removal. One of our primary methods involves the use of a degaussing machine.

Data Shredding

With CPNI approved shredder, Computer Data Shred Ltd, destroys your discarded computers, laptops, hard drives, solid-state drives, media tapes, tablets, printed circuit boards, tablets, motherboards, and silicon chips in a legalised way. Using this method, we shred your hard drives down to 6mm depending upon the requirement.

Hard Drive Crushing

Hard drive crushing is a widely adopted data destruction method by numerous companies and enterprises. Our industrial machines effectively crush hard drives while strictly adhering to privacy policies. We prioritize environmental protection by recycling the crushed materials in compliance with relevant laws. During the hard drive destruction process, our skilled professionals pierce each drive with a force of 3400 kilos, rendering the data irrecoverable.

We Provide a Proof of Destruction

Rest assured, we provide concrete evidence of secure hard drive destruction, eliminating any vulnerabilities in your records. Our processes align with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations, ensuring responsible handling of electronic waste. The proof of destruction serves as a testament to our commitment to data security and compliance.
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