Computer Data Shred

Computer Data Shredding

Computer Data Shredding

Computer Data Shredding

Securing Your Data: How a Trusted Shredding Company Can Help

Why Secure Data

Data security is paramount for organizations’ and businesses as they are legally bound to provide consumers and clients with a secure environment. Stolen or misplaced data can end up in the wrong hands, leading to hacking, blackmailing, identity thefts and data breaches. As data breaches may lead to financial losses and legal damages, data security is also crucial for a Shredding company’s reputation and overall growth.

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Data Shredding: The Ultimate Solution

Data shredding is the ultimate destruction of your data not in use but highly confidential. There are various computer shred services that a shredding company provides. These can be performed at your location, or you can choose off-site destruction. 

On-site computer shred services are offered by companies who will visit your place and shred your data in a vehicle outside containing a shredder. This service allows you to witness the process and be satisfied.

Off-site data shredding is where the provider will come to your place and safely transport your data to the destruction house. 

Solid-state storage devices such as magnetic media (hard drives) undergo degaussing and shredding. A powerful degausser demgnetises the material, and a shredder breaks it into tiny pieces, making the drive unrecoverable by all means. 

Granulation is another way, a high-security shredding process in which devices are turned into tiny grains by heavy shredders. Businesses with top security data opt for this service. 

A Trusted Shredding Company Must-haves

Before hiring a company for computer shred services, make sure you ask certain questions about how they proceed with the destruction process. A quick list to help you decide if a specific company is trustworthy or not is given below:

  • License and Certifications
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Reliable Methods
  • Best Practices
  • Timely Service
  • A Good Reputation

How They Help You Protect Your Data

Responsible for your Protection

Your business and its clients possess valuable information that calls for tight security and protection. Hiring a company for computer shred services prevents unauthorised access to information by destroying data completely.  When left unchecked and stored in outdated electronic devices, data can become vulnerable to theft by outsiders or even your employees seeking confidential information. Shredding companies offer a secure industrial-level solution to device placement, transfer and destruction-related concerns. They make sure that only authorised individuals have access to this data. Thus, identity theft risk is eliminated, and protection is guaranteed.

Improved Data Security

Crimes involving data breaches and identity theft are spreading worldwide. Most of the time, the careless handling of important information and retired electronic devices become the data source. Entrusting your staff with data security or disposal is an extra burden and risky in terms of their productivity in growth-related matters. This is where professional computer shred services appear, the ultimate solution for data disposal. These services eliminate the possibility of staff carelessness or error that leads to a faulty security status. If you desire to improve your approach to data security, contact us. 

Guaranteed Destruction

Erasing, deleting or overwriting is insufficient to secure your data from future risks. Neither your business can afford to sell outdated computer devices from which you seemingly have erased data. Tech experts and hackers know hundreds of ways of recovering data from such sources. Hence, it is far better to hire a trusted company for computer shred services that make your data inaccessible and unrecoverable. They turn your data storage devices into pieces at most 2 millimeters in size and recycle them for manufacturing. On-site shredding even allows you to witness the process of your data undergoing complete destruction, after which your business is issued a certification of destruction.

They Help You Save Time and Money

Having a trusted shredding company can save you time and money. It eliminates the need to assign staff members to shredding and sorting out retired data. In this way, these members can work on other growth parameters of your business. The shredding company you hire will handle the entire data shredding process. Hiring computer shred services also eliminates the need to purchase and install in-office shredders, maintain them and manage related expenses. 

Gain Good Reputation, Reduced Liability

Entrusting a shredding company with data destruction helps you adhere to state regulations and privacy laws related to client data. Commitment to information security fosters a sense of safety and confidence in your customers and clients. This results in avoiding the risks of potential legal actions, unhappy clients and a bad reputation. 

An Environmental Friendly Solution

The world produces millions of tonnes of e-waste annually since tech advancement is coming up with new ideas daily. Equipment, devices and gadgets become outdated or unfit for use in the blink of an eye, and demands for the latest models keep rising. In this situation, data shredding by a business on its own poses a security threat and an e-waste management issue.

Hiring a professional data shredding company solves both of these problems. Along with rendering destroyed data inaccessible and unrecoverable, it also ensures the recycling of metal pieces of storage devices such as hard drives. 

Last Word

The road to secure and complete data destruction is clear – professional data shred services.  Hiring a company like Computer Data Shred Ltd saves you time and money, enhances security, curtails data breaches and identity theft, improves the overall productivity of your business and secures clients’ trust.


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