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    Your Go-To for
    Computer Recycling in the UK


    Ensure a green end-of-life solution for your outdated systems with our E Waste Computer recycling services. Responsibly manage e-waste while adhering to stringent environmental standards.


    Our laptop recycling service guarantees secure data erasure and responsible disposal, aligning with eco-friendly standards to give your laptops a new lease of life.

    Data Destruction

    Safeguard your sensitive information with our certified data destruction solutions. Experience a thorough, secure, and documented process tailored to meet your data security needs.

    Sell Your IT

    Maximise the value of your redundant IT assets through our remarketing service. Turn your old electronics into a revenue source while practicing responsible recycling.


    Navigate the disposal of your IT assets with ease. Our IT recycling services ensure a seamless, eco-friendly process safeguarding both the environment and your data.

    Mobile Phone

    Provide us with your old mobile phones for secure data deletion and responsible recycling or repurposing, promoting environmental sustainability.

    Our Clients

    Computer Recycling

    Our personal and corporate computer recycling services are crafted to align with your business needs, ensuring a smooth, compliant process from start to finish. Discover why we are the preferred choice for computer recycling in the UK.


    With ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications, we validate our promise of quality and environmental management.


    Our nationwide services ensure that businesses across the UK have access to our exemplary old computer recycling solutions.


    Every business has distinctive needs when it comes to electronic disposal. We devise customised solutions that align with your specific requirements.

    Computer Disposals

    The task of disposing of outdated computers comes with the
    inherent responsibility of secure data destruction. Our services
    are meticulously designed to provide:

    Secure data erasure, rendering your old data irretrievable.
    Documented process for your peace of mind.
    Responsible recycling or repurposing of your old computers

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    IT Equipment Collection

    Through our Computer Equipment Recycling service, we collect and dispose of the following, around the West Midlands.
    computer recycling manchester
    computer recycling

    Security Focus
    Computer Recycling

    Computers often contain a wealth of personal and professional information. Our computer recycling services ensure that your computer is completely free from data before it is recycled.

    Recycling Services

    Beyond computers, we extend our recycling services to other IT equipment.

    Mobile Phone

    Provide us with your old mobile phones for secure data deletion and responsible recycling or repurposing.


    Entrust us with your old printers for an eco-friendly disposal.

    IT Equipment

    Navigate the disposal of a variety of IT assets with ease.

    Industry-Compliant Procedures

    As a professional Computer Recycling company, our procedures are crafted to comply with industry standards and legal requirements, continually updated to align with evolving regulations. This ensures that your business stays compliant while benefiting from the most efficient recycling and data destruction services available.

    computer equipment recycling

    Enhancing Eco-Consciousness through PC Recycling

    Rapid Tech Advancements

    • Technology swiftly evolves, leaving behind outdated PCs.
    • Malfunctioning gear accumulates at an alarming pace.

    Eco-Responsible PC Recycling

    • Not just eco-responsibility, it's about a circular economy.
    • PC recycling: A step towards resourceful sustainability.

    Our PC Recycling Approach

    • Repurpose resources from outdated PCs.
    • Reuse and reduce e-waste


    Extracting valuable materials like metals, plastics, and other components for reuse.


    Ensuring complete data erasure before proceeding with the recycling or repurposing process.


    Adhering to stringent environmental standards in disposing of non-recyclable components.

    Engage in responsible PC recycling with us and step towards reducing the environmental burden associated with electronic waste.

    computer recycling centre

    Computer Recycling Centres

    Kickstart your responsible e-disposal journey with us, while reflecting on the ecological imprints we leave behind. Our recycling centres, spread across the UK, embody a fusion of local ease and global conscientiousness. Here’s what they offer:

    Drop-off and pick-up at your convenience.
    Certified protocols ensuring data privacy.
    Adherence to both UK and global eco-standards.

    Our Local Computer Recycling centres are designed to resonate with the diverse needs of both communities and businesses, making the path to responsible computer recycling a breeze for all. Plus, you’re not just recycling; you’re joining a larger movement towards a greener, cleaner planet. Discover the ease of desktop computer recycling with our centres and be a part of a global change with local actions.

    Certified Data Destruction

    Data security cannot be overemphasised. Our certified data destruction services are designed to provide:
    • A thorough, secure, and documented destruction of your sensitive data.
    • Compliance with legal and industrial data destruction standards.
    • Peace of mind knowing your data is irretrievably erased.
    Our certifications are a testament to our superior service and our continued commitment to aligning with global data destruction standards.
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    Computer Recycling
    Your Green IT Solution

    Green IT Solutions

    • Navigate the digital realm responsibly.
    • Outdated IT gear? We've got it covered

    Trust and Reliability

    • Premier old computer recycling in the UK.
    • Your old electronics repurposed or responsibly disposed.

    High Standards

    • Data destruction, done right.
    • Eco-friendliness, a priority

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Computer Data Shred ensure the security of my data during the recycling process?
    We employ state-of-the-art data erasure techniques to ensure total data destruction before the recycling or repurposing process begins.
    What type of IT equipment does Computer Data Shred recycle?

    We recycle computers, laptops, mobile phones, printers, and other related electronics.

    How can I schedule a pickup for my outdated IT equipment?
    Contact us through our website or call us directly to schedule a pickup. Our team will assist you in setting up a convenient time for the collection of your IT equipment.
    Does Computer Data Shred offer any other services besides recycling?
    Yes, besides recycling, we offer data destruction solutions, IT audit & reporting, and remarketing services to help you manage your IT assets effectively.

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    Our mission is to empower businesses with robust security, ensuring your data’s safety while contributing to a greener tomorrow.