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    Mobile Phone
    Recycling Services UK

    A mobile phone usually lasts for 2 years in today’s world. 

    Opt for Computer Data Shred’s Old Mobile Phone Recycling and ensure your phones find a new lease of life or an
    eco-responsible end. Our IT recycling services prioritises data security and environmental standards, making the process smooth and hassle-free for you.

    Mobile Phone Recycling

    Your Go-To Solution for Old/Broken Mobile Phone Recycling

    It’s more than just disposal. It’s about extending the device lifecycle where possible, and eco-friendly recycling when not. Be a part of the solution to minimise e-waste and promote a circular economy through our Mobile Phone Equipment and Battery recycling. We handle bulk phone recycling also.

    Our mobile phone
    recycling services

    Data Destruction:
    Secure data wipe before recycling or repurposing,
    safeguarding your personal or business information


    Recycling and Refurbishing:
    Preparing functional or refurbishable mobile phones for re-use, while responsibly recycling others as per UK and global standards.

    mobile phone disposal

    Why Choose Us for
    Cell Phone Recycling?

    Certified Processes

    We offer regulated, certified methods ensuring secure, eco-friendly mobile phone recycling.

    Beyond Compliance

    We don't just meet standards; we aim to exceed them for enhanced service quality.

    Expertise Matters

    Our skilled team manages the recycling process with precision, ensuring a seamless experience.

    Customer Satisfaction

    From start to finish, your satisfaction is our priority, striving to surpass your expectations at each phase.

    Our Clients

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get my mobile phones to you for recycling?
    You can schedule a pickup with us or drop off your mobile phones at our designated collection centres. Contact us, and we’ll guide you through the process.
    How is the data on my phone handled during recycling?
    Ensuring data security is paramount. We employ certified data destruction techniques to obliterate all data on your mobile phone before proceeding with recycling or remarketing.
    What happens to my phone after recycling?

    Phones that are still functional or can be refurbished are prepared for re-use, potentially finding a second life. Broken and dead mobile phones are completely broken down and responsibly recycled, with usable parts harvested and the rest disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

    Are there any costs associated with your mobile phone recycling services?
    Our mobile phone recycling services are designed to be cost-effective. For more detailed information on any associated costs, feel free to contact us.