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    Secure Laptop Recycling

    Our Laptop recycling services are designed for secure commercial sector, no matter of your industry, our solutions are tailored for every business to provide second to none solutions.


    Computer Datashred provides secure old and broken laptop recycling services around UK of any quantity, no matter of the age, make, model


    Our laptop disposals include a full audit trail of your IT equipment you wish to dispose of, this shall include the make, model and serial models. A full trail with be provided.

    Laptop Data
    Destruction Solutions

    For your assurance every piece of storage including laptops are processed with data destruction certificates with hard drive serial numbers, along with type of data erasure you’ve opted to use.

    Duty Of Care

    All our laptop disposal services shall include duty of care documentation, including hazardous waste consignment note, with a full inventory you wish to dispose.

    Nationwide Laptop
    Recycling Services

    Our services are inclusive of nationwide laptop collection services anywhere in the country, tailored for commercial sector, we provide fast collection service with one week. Simple and easy process

    Disposal Criteria

    No matter of the age, make, model, we’ll collect anywhere in the UK. Contact our IT Disposals expert.

    Our Clients

    Laptop Recycling
    Dispose, Recycle, Secure

    Old laptops? Computer Data Shred is your eco-solution. Through our bespoke Computer recycling services, we ensure a second life for your devices via refurbishment or responsible WEEE Laptop recycling. Absolute data destruction? Guaranteed.

    Enhancing Eco-Consciousness
    through PC Recycling

    Our laptop recycling service is a blend of environmental responsibility and assured data security. Here’s what sets us apart.

    Certified Data Destruction

    Your data security is our priority. We ensure complete data erasure rendering the data on your old laptops irretrievable before the recycling process begins.

    Eco-Conscious Disposal

    Committed to eco-friendliness, we adhere to stringent environmental standards to minimise e-waste and promote the recovery of valuable materials.

    Customised Solutions

    We understand that every client has unique needs, and we tailor our services to meet your specific laptop disposal requirements.

    IT Equipment We Collect

    Below is the equipment we dispose at Computer Datashred
    laptop recycling UK

    Nationwide Laptop

    We extend our services across the UK, making it convenient for individuals and businesses seeking local laptop recycling solutions. Our localised services ensure:

    • National laptop IT collection anywhere in UK
    • Accessible certified data destruction and laptop recycling services.
    • Assurance of responsible recycling practices in line with both UK and global environmental standards.
    laptop disposal UK
    laptops disposal solutions

    Secure Laptop

    In a world where data breaches are prominent, ensuring the security of your data during disposal is crucial. Through our safe laptop recycling services, we offer:

    • A thoroughly certified data destruction process.
    • Documented proof of data destruction for your assurance.
    • Secure channels of laptop disposal ensuring no data breach occurs at any stage.

    Unlock the Value
    of Old Laptops

    Your old laptops are more than e-waste; they are treasure troves of reusable materials. Our recycling journey seeks to unlock this hidden value:

    • Refurbishment: Breathing new life into old laptops.
    • Material Recovery: Harvesting metals, plastic, and other components for reuse.
    • Eco-Impact: Diminishing the environmental load tied to new laptop production.
    broken laptop recycling

    to the environment

    At Computer Data Shred, we go beyond mere Laptop and General IT recycling. We are driven by a profound commitment to environmental stewardship, aiming to contribute significantly towards a greener planet. Our laptop recycling process is meticulously
    designed to adhere to eco-friendly practices.


    By recycling laptops, we help in reducing the volume of e-waste that often ends up in landfills, causing pollution and potential health hazards.

    Reuse valuable

    Our recycling process aims to recover and reuse valuable materials from old laptops. Throughout our process, we can save natural resources and energy usually spent on making new materials.

    Carbon Footprint

    Through responsible recycling, we mitigate the carbon footprint associated with the disposal and production of electronic gadgets.

    Disposal Solutions in UK

    We value the trust that our clients place in us when handing over their old laptops for recycling. Our services are tailored to offer a seamless, client-friendly experience:


    From the first point of contact to the final recycling or refurbishment, we maintain a transparent communication to keep you informed at every stage.


    We offer flexible scheduling for laptop pick-ups, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.

    Disposal Plans

    Whether you are an individual or a business with bulk laptop disposal needs, we devise customised plans to cater to your specific requirements.

    Communities towards
    Sustainable Practices

    Our laptop recycling services are not just about offering a disposal solution; they are about instilling a culture of sustainability and responsible behaviour towards electronic waste:

    Awareness Campaigns
    We engage in awareness campaigns to educate communities about the importance of responsible laptop recycling and e-waste management.

    Collaborations with Local AuthoritiesBy collaborating with local authorities, we strive to create accessible and efficient recycling solutions for everyone.

    Old laptop recycling solutions

    Protect Your Private Data

    Protecting your private data is crucial. Our laptop recycling service ensures a clean digital slate, shielding you from potential data mishaps. 

    Your trust drives us to uphold and enhance our data destruction standards, making us your dependable choice for secure laptop disposals. 

    With Computer Data Shred, step forward to make a real difference in environmental conservation through
    responsible laptop recycling. Our committed team is ready to deliver outstanding service, simplifying your laptop disposal journey, ensuring it’s easy, secure, and green.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know my data is securely erased before laptop recycling?
    We follow a certified data destruction process, providing you with documented proof of data erasure ensuring your peace of mind.
    What happens to my old laptop after recycling?
    Post-recycling, your laptop may be refurbished for extended use, or its valuable materials are recovered for reuse in line with environmental standards.
    Can I schedule a pick-up for my old laptop?
    Absolutely! We offer pick-up services for your convenience. Contact us to schedule a pick-up for your old laptops.
    Do you offer any other services besides laptop recycling?
    Yes, besides laptop recycling, we offer a range of IT asset management and data destruction services tailored to meet your needs.