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Computer Data Shredding

Computer Data Shredding

Computer Data Shredding

Computer Recycling Cambridge

IT Recycling Cambridge

Where a developed and busy city like Cambridge has all other basic facilities such as education, health, transportation, and living, it also needs maintenance of a standard healthy environment.

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As e-waste is considered to be the world’s largest waste and the UK has been declared its second-biggest producer; therefore, the regulatory bodies in the City are focusing more on the implementation of the Zero-Waste policy.

What we offer

The Equipment we recycle

We recycle almost every type of IT equipment, the list of which is given;



Computer tower




Mobile phone


Apple computer

Network switch

All-in-one PC


Hard drive

UPS and battery


The Role of Government for WEEE Recycling Cambridge

Achieving the landmark of reducing waste by up to 30 % in 2020 and 80% by 2050, and the goal achievement time activated from 2008.

Maintenance of high-quality public services so that waste disposal could be managed more efficiently.

Protection of employees’ health and safety.

Financial analysis for waste management.

To evaluate the GHG (greenhouse gas emission) as a result of waste reduction.


Future Targets

Spreading awareness about the proper disposal of IT waste and promoting the trend, is one of our main goals.
For this purpose, we aim to extend our reach to as many areas of the UK as possible.
We want to make our IT recycling Milton Keynes easy and accessible, as this is one of the effective ways to get it practically implemented. 

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