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    We offer the best remarketing prices
    in the market

    With the Computer Data Shred decommissioning service, we offer a buyback solution for your used IT equipment, presenting top market prices and trade-in values in exchange for your used IT components.

    We purchase a variety of data centre equipment including servers, HDDs, CPUs, server memory and other IT hardware from an extensive range of over 100 different brands including HPE, Dell, Intel, IBM, and Cisco.

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    What is
    IT Remarketing?

    IT Remarketing is a green initiative that transforms old or obsolete IT equipment into valuable assets. This process involves a thorough assessment of the equipment to determine its market value, followed by refurbishing if necessary, and then reselling the items to the IT reuse market. Not only does this practice reduce e-waste, but it also provides financial returns on old IT assets.

    We Simplify the Process for You

    • Submit your list of equipment (including brand, part numbers, quantities, and condition)
    • Our IT recycling experts will review your list of equipment and propose an offer.
    • We cover the shipping costs! (including: labels, transportation, and all security requirements)
    • Once received at our secure facility, your equipment is monitored under 24-hour surveillance.
    • You receive payment along with a complete chain of custody and a certificate of data destruction
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    Why Choose Computer
    Data Shred for Your IT Disposal

    Beyond computers, we extend our recycling services to other IT equipment.


    Ensure a green end-of-life solution for your outdated computers with our Computer recycling services. Responsibly manage e-waste while adhering to stringent environmental standards.


    Our Laptop recycling services guarantees secure data erasure and responsible disposal, aligning with eco-friendly standards to give your laptops a new lease of life.

    Data Destruction

    Safeguard your sensitive information with our certified data destruction solutions. Experience a thorough, secure, and documented process tailored to meet your data security needs.

    Sell Your IT

    Maximise the value of your redundant IT assets through our remarketing service. Turn your old electronics into a revenue source while practicing responsible recycling.


    Navigate the disposal of your IT assets with ease. Our IT recycling services ensure a seamless, eco-friendly process safeguarding both the environment and your data.

    Mobile Phone

    Provide us with your old mobile phones for secure data deletion and responsible recycling or repurposing, promoting environmental sustainability.

    Our Clients

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of IT equipment can be remarketed?
    We handle a wide range of IT equipment including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, monitors, servers, and network equipment.
    How is the value of my IT assets determined?
    The value is determined based on several factors including age, condition, and market demand for the equipment. Our expert team conducts a thorough evaluation to ascertain the resale value.
    How is data security managed during the remarketing process?
    Data security is paramount. We adhere to the WEEE Directive, employing approved professional software and certified destruction machinery to cleanse all data devices.
    What happens to equipment that can’t be remarketed?
    Items beyond economical repair or too old for remarketing are collected and recycled responsibly, ensuring all data is destroyed according to legislative standards.