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Data Shredding Companies: Your Partners in Information Security

What is Information Security

Information security refers to the processes and methods employed to protect sensitive business information from going into the wrong hands or getting lost. Information security includes policymaking that prevents information access to unauthorized people. It aims to secure vital information regarding finances or customer account details.

There are three principles of information collectively called the CIA Triad.


Confidentiality measures are taken to prevent unauthorised access to your important information, keeping the finances and client details private and secure.


The principle of integrity suggests that data must be protected from alterations and unauthorised changes, ensuring that information is accurate and reliable.


The Availability principle refers to the system’s ability to keep up with software and tech transfer so that data is available for the company or customer whenever they need it. 

Why it is Important to Secure Information

We live in a world where information security threats and attacks are so common. Key threats are stated below, against which a company or organisation must prepare an effective response strategy.

Identity theft

Businesses keep records of clients’ data which is to be secured professionally. When this data goes into the wrong hands by any malicious person or activity or carelessness on the company’s part, fraudsters use this personal information to blackmail clients, open new accounts, take loans or even use their emails.

Identity theft often results in financial losses in terms of legal penalties, damage to the company’s name, regulatory fines and compensation to the targeted client. It eventually leads to decreased business growth and customer trust.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering involves the manipulation of individuals so that they reveal their personal information. The tactic exploits vulnerability inherent in human psychology, the weakest link within security systems. Perpetrators usually send phishing emails that evoke a sense of urgency or fear in receivers’ minds, leading them to expose their data.

Malware / Endpoints

A Company’s employees use a number of endpoint devices such as computers, desktops, mobiles, tablets etc. Some of them are under the company’s control and ownership, while users privately own the rest. Malware is the prime thread on these endpoint devices, and preventing it through antivirus software is insufficient. Thus resulting in malware transmission or even compromised endpoint.

  • Active Attacks ( Interruption, Modification)
  • Passive Attacks ( Monitor, Disruption)
  • Third-Party Breaches

Attackers leverage a flaw, weakness or vulnerability to gain access to data within the systems of external vendors. This often gives these individuals access to emails from thousands of private firms and governmental organisations.

  • Lack of Encryption

Encryption is a way to secure information within a company. However, management often ignores this method due to its complexity and legal requirements. This security loophole allows data breaches.

Data Shredding Company: Your Trusted Partner

No matter how small your company is, data shredding on its own is insufficient and risky. You must consider the benefits of hiring a trusted partner for computer shred services.

Opting for Data Shredding Services Ensures Your Company’s Security

By partnering with a company for computer shred services that is licensed and holds certifications, you take the right path towards the security of vital information and ensure your commitments. The services provide legal protection in case of data breaches or identity theft incidents. By the end, you receive a destruction certificate to guarantee that your destroyed data is no longer accessible. 

Data Shredding Company Offers a lot more than just Destruction

Destruction of your information and data that is no longer needed is one of the services that a shredding company offers. It also ensures that your equipment pieces or outdated devices cannot be used against you in the future. Old equipment is destroyed completely, and materials are recycled for manufacturing. Moreover, such a partner can also help you proactively approach the breach plan.

Improved growth and productivity

If you have not yet hired a data shred company for your organization, you likely have few of your staff members involved in data shredding. As we know, companies do not appoint people specifically for data shredding; hence, the members engaged in this process are neither experts in it nor free from other responsibilities. Both these factors suggest that shredding will not be done satisfactorily, and the company’s growth will be hampered. Outsourcing data shredding liberates your employees to concentrate on other growth parameters and assures complete data destruction.

A Partner that Saves Your Time and Money

Consider the time that your staff would have to invest in data shredding and the money for the shredder’s purchase, placement, maintenance, and data breach events. A one-time investment in a company for computer shred services would save you a lot of time and money.  Your employees would focus on revenue-generating assignments, while a trusted partner handles your security.

End Note

Partnering with the trusted and suitable company for computer shred services translates to secure systems, time and cost savings, enhanced productivity and improved growth, along with the assurance that your company has been shielded to prevent any kind of breach. Reach out Computer Data Shred Ltd for your company’s secure future.