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Choosing the Right Data Shredding Company: Your Ultimate Guide

Understanding Data Shredding

Data Shredding is a type of data destruction recognized for its cost-efficiency and security assurance when it comes to eliminating data from a hard drive or any other solid-state storage device. It also works remarkably for IT assets like mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc. When dealing with a large amount of data, especially on outdated desktops, a business may need help. A data breach or misuse by a former employee is a common illness in today’s world. A company must take data disposal seriously and hire a certified computer data shred service provider

Why Consider Data Shredding 

Data shredding is crucial for a company to have a secure data approach and a successful data breach response strategy. Some outstanding advantages of data shredding include the complete elimination of data, adherence to data privacy laws, prevention of data breaches and misuse and adoption of a sustainable way to handle e-waste. Complete elimination of data helps you get rid of the data without leaving any traces for blackmailers. Devices no longer in use must be shredded to ensure data on them is not recoverable and save millions in damages. The state laws provide employees and consumers a right to erasure and be forgotten. Thus, data shredding and regular auditing and monitoring are vital for a business to run securely. Lastly, data shredding of obsolete devices is environmentally friendly for managing e-waste produced in millions of tonnes annually.

Ask Before You Hire

Are You Certified?

It is the most important question that you must ask a company before hiring it for computer data shed services. A certified company have accepted the privacy laws of the parent organisation or state, which keeps them vigilant and makes them answerable. This company updates the instruments and practices of data shredding from time to time. Certification is the only mighty reason why you should trust a company for computer data shred. Computer Data Shred Ltd. is a licensed IT recycling company having ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications to its name.

Which Storage Devices Do You Destroy?

Ask the company what type of devices they destroy and what methods and practices they follow. Devices or media types you may want to get destroyed can be a;

Hard drive

  • Zip drive
  • CD-ROMs
  • USBs
  • DVDs
  • SSDs

For the best hard drive shredding practice, contact Computer Data Shred Ltd. We also provide reliable and secure data shredding services for data-bearing devices like CDs, USBs, DVDs, and Floppy Disks. 

Erase First, then Destroy – Do you?

Data can be first rendered unreadable by computer software, followed by degaussing the drive that uses a magnet to turn the electronic medium unusable. Finally, a company may provide you with physical destruction of the storage device by shredding it in a shredder. At Computer Data Shred Ltd., we have reliable and legally compliant methods to eliminate data from hard drives, ensuring the complete destruction of records from your systems. This includes multiple hard disk shredding options that curtail security risks. Degaussing is one of our ways of data shredding. 

Destroy or Recycle?

If your equipment is not so obsolete and can be updated, then the company must offer you a recycling plan with a guarantee and profit. Devices that are too old to be modified for modern use must be destroyed by shredding to save oneself from any data breach in future in case the device is in the wrong hands. 

What About the E-Waste? 

Make sure you ask the computer data shred company about the future use of destroyed pieces of your storage devices and equipment. In case they recycle the metal to produce new drives, try to know if they are certified recyclers. 

Other Considerations:

Offsite vs. Onsite Destruction

The company offering onsite data destruction would visit your business place, thus reducing the transportation risks and eliminating the need for staff to transfer drives carefully. In this situation, your data never goes out of your hands or sight, which is pretty much satisfying. You can witness the destruction by yourself. If the computer data shred company provides offsite destruction, you don’t see what happens to your drives and stored data after they leave your office. For such a situation, do extensive research and look for the company’s service reviews and its certifications. 

In-house vs. Outsourced Data Destruction

The in-house practice of data shredding can be costly and challenging regarding equipment management and placement. Usually, companies outsource hard drive destruction. This prevents them from buying expensive shredders and managing their work regularly. But there are risks, as mentioned in the offsite destruction section.

Last Word

Extensive research on the profile of a computer data shredding company is essential before hiring it for data disposal. A certified, well-reputed company employing reliable equipment and best data destruction practices can help you develop a compliance culture within your industry. How about partnering with Computer Data Shred to curtail security risks?