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Choosing the Right Hard Drive Shredding Service: Key Factors

The scope of data protection must go beyond just shredding documents; it should also cover the secure destruction of hard drives. The hard drive contains sensitive data related to the business’s confidential information and the client’s personal data. Deleting the files or formatting the device does not guarantee permanent data destruction. 

Hard drive destruction refers to methods employed to render data inaccessible and unrecoverable. In today’s digital world, this is the most effective method to ensure that unauthorised sources can not access your data. Computer Data Shred Ltd. provides solutions to all your data destruction needs.

Hard Drive Shredding

Using specialised mechanical equipment designed to shred a hard drive into small and flat pieces systematically and make it entirely useless and unreadable is called hard drive shredding. Professional companies offer numerous computer data shredding services and for that, they have high-quality degaussers to ensure secure data destruction services. In degaussers, hard drives are physically broken into pieces as small as 2 mm in size. Such destruction cannot be done on your own, so entrusting the task to professional hard drive shredding is advisable.

Types of Hard Drive Shredding

  • On-site Shredding

Hard drives contain sensitive information that cannot be left unattended even if that drive is not in your use anymore. On-site shredding services refer to a professional team arriving at your location equipped with the necessary hard drive shredder and other equipment. On-site shredding is done in your presence and supervision, and you get an on-spot proof of your data turning unreadable. 

  • Off-site Shredding

If you opt for an off-site shredding service, the company collects your hard drives and takes them to their facility, where shredding is done in a secure and confidential environment. The process can be trusted if you have chosen a licensed company that provides a certificate of destruction to the clients.

The Right Service

  • A Licenced Company

Certified companies are trustable in terms of commitment, services and compliance with regulations. An accredited company adheres to the prevalent laws, which make them answerable and responsible. Such a company keeps updating its equipment and methods of destruction as technology brings advancement in the field. Computer Data Shred Ltd. is a certified IT-based company with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications to its name.

  • Certificate of Destruction

While looking for professional help for shredding, always look for certified shredding. At the end of the process, a certificate of destruction, which is a document containing all the information about the device, shredder, method and outcome, is given to you that serves as proof of your data destruction in compliance with relevant legislation. Thus, you should ensure that the service provider will offer you a destruction certificate at the end of the process.

  • Eco-friendly Solution

In our journey to save the environment from unrecoverable damages, we should partner with those who follow a path of sustainability. Ask the shredding company about the e-waste produced and the recycling process. According to a report, the world produces millions of tons of e-waste annually. Our responsibility is to ensure our data destruction is based on green practices. Most companies are now recycling shredded materials, such as metals, which are used for future manufacturing. This is the only way to handle and manage the growing e-waste around us.

Advantages of Choosing the Right Professional Help

No matter how small the size of your business is, hiring a professional company for data shredding services is always a good option. Following are the benefits of hiring a trusted partner like our company for data destruction services.

  • Ensures Security 
  • Improves the Growth of Your Business
  • Cost Effective
  • Saves Time
  • Enhances Your Employee’s Productivity
  • Trust and Good Reputation
  • Peace of Mind

Last Word!

The storage devices contain sensitive data that can pose risks if it goes into the wrong hands. To prevent your business from such a problem, Computer Data Shred Ltd. offers secure hard drive shredding. Our team of experts ensure that your valuable files become unrecoverable and your privacy is maintained. Thus, when it comes to safe data disposal, you should have no second thoughts but data destruction. Proper hard drive shredding is the ultimate protection against malicious attacks that can earn a bad reputation for you and your business.