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Behind the Scenes: A Look into the Operations of Data Shredding Companies

As everything becomes increasingly digitized, the need for data security has reached a maximum level. Data shredding stands out today among the measures taken to delete Secure data destruction . It was originated as a method to destroy paper-based information but has progressed over time to include the destruction of information stored in electronic media.  The blog sheds light on the concept, its benefits and operational procedure.

The Concept of Data Shredding

The idea can be traced back to the invention of a shredder for paper-based information by Adolf Ehinger in 1909. Since then, it has evolved enough to provide services like destroying electronic media and managing e-waste. It is seen today as the ultimate solution for businesses to secure and delete data.

Paper Destruction

The machine, invented by Adolf Ehinger, a German Engineer, cut papers into thin strips, making it impossible to piece them together and recover the original form. Initially, only government offices and big businesses used paper shredders to dispose of sensitive data. The technology improved over time, and the cross-cut shredder came into the limelight in the mid-20th century. These machines cut and even sliced the pieces horizontally, thus making the document unrecoverable by all means. 

Hard Drive Destruction

With the digital revolution, individuals and companies started to store data in electronic devices, such as hard drives, USBs, and flash drives. People started looking for secure methods to destroy these devices. This was when companies started offering services like mobile shredding or hard drive shredding that made data stored in them inaccessible physically. 

Hard drive destruction basically includes crushing, degaussing and shredding. During crushing, the hard drive is shattered into pieces by applying force. Degaussing involves the use of magnets to intermix the data, making it unreadable, followed by shredding that converts drive into tiny pieces.

Why Consider Data Shredding for Your Company?

Data shredding offers companies a solution that has several advantages.

Compliance with Privacy Laws and Regulations

There are certain laws and regulations made by the parent organisation or the state for businesses, and their implementation for tight security is necessary. Secure data destruction is one of the tasks that companies must do. Data shredding plays a crucial role in helping businesses comply with these laws and win clients’ trust.

Enhanced Security

Advancement in data shredding practices has made these measures more effective and reliable. It has become difficult for fraudsters to plan a cyberattack or hack clients’ accounts. Hence, enhanced security apparatus works as a confidence booster for customers and a safe strategy for the business. If you are looking for someone to help you proactively approach security, contact Computer Data Shred Ltd.

Environmentally Friendly

The technology of data shredding takes environmental concerns seriously, and it has evolved to work on these considerations effectively. The computer shred service goes beyond data destruction to include recycling waste to minimize companies’ environmental footprint. E-waste management is something that the world needs on an urgent basis because digital waste is produced in millions of tonnes annually.  

Data Shredding Operations

The Equipment

The shredder is a hydraulic machine that propels the targeted material onto a rotating rotor with blades. Fraction size depends on the screen set up beneath the cutting unit. The shredded fraction size can span from 15 to 100mm.

The core that is a rotor is usually made up of steel with high wearability and resistance towards corrosion. The finely arranged blades have sharp edges, rendering the shredding operation highly effective. Other components include bearing, transmission system, screen, safety and control system.

The Operation

First of all, the material in confidential waste bins is unloaded from the truck in case of off-site service. The material is securely added into the shredding machine, and the cutting head pulls it inside, where blades cut tonnes of material into tiny pieces. Shredding machines work either as crosscut or strip-cut shredders.

In the case of electronic devices such as hard drives, degaussing is done before shredding. It destroys the data by eliminating the magnetism of electronic storage devices with a powerful magnet. Shredding is the complete and physical destruction of digital data stored on the device. It is considered the safest way to eliminate data. Heavy machinery cuts the drives into pieces no longer than 2mm in size. Data from the crushed material is inaccessible and unrecoverable. Waste produced after shredding is taken to the recyclers according to e-waste pickup procedures, followed by the manufacturing of new drives.

Last Word

Information security is paramount to businesses’ reputation and overall growth. As mentioned above, the technicalities of shredding operations demand expertise. Hire a professional company for computer data shred services, and trust the experts at Computer Data Shred Ltd. Our state-of-the-art services ensure that your sensitive data is completely destroyed and is now unrecoverable.