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The Importance of Certified Data Destruction: Trusting the Process

In an increasingly digital age, our need to store information has increased by many folds while the size of the storage devices has shrunk. This abundant storage of personal information and business data increases the risk of data theft. In the past, files were stolen from the cabinets; today, records on business operations and related sensitive information can be carried away in a small electronic device. 

Safeguarding data from unauthorised access demands much more than setting up passwords or keeping old devices in locked store rooms. Data not in use but present somewhere can be stolen or manipulated in future. Thus, it is essential to destroy retired data through proper methods such as those employed by Computer Data Shred Ltd. Data destruction is a shield against a wide range of issues stemming from potential breaches.

Data Destruction

A process of making digitised information unreadable and irretrievable is called data destruction. Data destruction ensures secure data disposal, a step further than sanitisation. As businesses hold vast volumes of data, taking responsibility for data destruction on their own is challenging. Professional companies offer these on-site or off-site services along with the certificate of destruction. While hiring such a service, make sure that the company is licensed and reputable. The services range from essential deletion to comprehensive destruction of the storage media. 

List of Data Destruction Methods

Various methods exist for data destruction, each with pros and cons. Understanding of each technique in terms of cost, working, output, and guarantee will help you choose the best one for your business. To have such a healthy discussion and guaranteed destruction, choose us to help you secure your future. Below is the list of standard methods of data destruction.

  • Deletion/ formatting
  • Data Overwriting
  • Degaussing
  • Shredding
  • Wiping

Importance of Certified Data Destruction

CoD is a pivotal document to show your commitment towards secure data disposal. It ensures permanent data destruction and eliminates the chances of data breaches, which can harm your business financially and in terms of reputation. Following are some benefits associated with certified data destruction.

  • Ensured Business Protection 

We live in a world where data theft and breaches have become a routine practice. In light of recent data breaches attacking big names like Facebook and official government websites of different countries, it is evident that no company is immune to the risk of data breaches. It is harmful to the company more than just lost data. In this scenario, if a business pays no heed to secure data destruction, its growth, fame, and reputation are all in danger. Opting for an uncertified data destruction service opens doors to data breaches as the service provider is not held responsible. A business cannot afford to lose confidential information in the wrong hands when the dark web is actively working. Moreover, governments are now taking strict actions against companies retaining client’s personal information.

The only way out in these circumstances is to hire a service that offers certified computer shed services.  Certified data destruction ensures that the data is destroyed beyond recovery, preventing you from future vulnerabilities. 

  • Compliance with Legal Obligation – Maintained

In the current business landscape, every company is subject to legal requirements dictating how long clients’ data must be used and retained. Once the retention time ends, it becomes imperative for a company to securely destroy data. Various data destruction methods are enlisted above, and a detailed account of each is given in our blog series. Regardless of the fact of how effective your method of destruction was, if you are not provided with the certificate of destruction, then your effort seems useless. CoD serves as tangible and auditable evidence of data destruction, fostering trust in the third party and proving your commitment to the legal requirements. It saves you from the costs of legal fines, damages and lawsuits. Don’t wait until the call; consider us for all your secure hard drive shredding needs.

  • Evidence of Secure Data Destruction

The certificate of destruction is a comprehensive record of the entire data disposal procedure and outcome. It is exclusive evidence that your data has been destroyed and rendered unrecoverable and inaccessible. This evidence helps you gain the trust of the customers or any third party. During a compliance audit, the evidence in the shape of CoD demonstrates your commitment. Moreover, in case of any misunderstanding leading to a legal case of a data breach, the destruction evidence proves you have securely destroyed data.

  • Peace of Mind

Mental stress has already taken over us regarding work-life balance, rising inflation, spreading data breaches and health complications. In this case, we are sure you do not want to add more to your list of worries. A certificate of data is a reassurance to you and the company. It enhances your confidence and makes you stand out during compliance audits. It saves you from the stress of unnecessary vulnerabilities of data breaches with secure and permanent data destruction.

Last Word!

A certificate of destruction confirms data erasure, guaranteeing that a provider of destruction services engaged in collection, handling, and processing acts responsibly, making data unrecoverable. Such a service complies with global regulatory standards for data privacy and protection. The approach proves to be robust in preventing devices from malicious actors, thereby reducing unnecessary vulnerabilities. Computer Data Shred Ltd can evaluate your current situation in terms of data security and offer you multiple options to ensure secure disposal.